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Registrar Office

The registrar office is responsible for all the personal and academic records for the active, inactive, and graduates students of The Palmas Academy. Among the student services provided by the Registrar’s Office are:

Certifications and Transcripts:

Students needing to request an official academic transcript, certification of studies, certification of graduation, report cards duplicates, and/or copy of the student file shall make such request in writing and pay the corresponding fees. In order to process any request for the release of any official documentation, the student account must be fully up to date.

Official transcripts, and/or any official documentation, by submitting the PDF Request for Documentation Form , to maggie, . Transcripts or any requested document(s) are not sent until full payment is received. Once payment is received, official transcripts or documents are processed within five (5) business days.


Orders placed online must be paid through this link . Orders placed by submitting the PDF Request for Documentation Form can be paid online or at the School Office with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, cash, or personal checks written out to The Palmas Academy.

Change of Address:

Students are required to provide and maintain an updated permanent and mailing address in the school records, as well as email address and phone numbers. Students, parents, and/or legal guardians must notify of any change of address during the school year.