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Extracurricular Activities

Learning extends beyond the classroom at The Palmas Academy. The school offers after-school activities for students of all ages, beginning in preschool.

The Palmas Academy recognizes the importance of physical fitness for every child. Competitive and noncompetitive athletic offerings are available to all students. The school is a member of the Puerto Rico High School Athletic Alliance and participates in annual tournaments and events around Puerto Rico.

Beginning in preschool, students can take part in after-school soccer programs. Other physical activities such as karate and dance are offered through the Extended Day Program.

The Extended Day Program also provides students with the opportunity to explore different arts and crafts activities and to receive extra academic support. The Palmas Academy’s theater program is well regarded in the community and is open to students from elementary school through high school. Through the Extended Day Program, students can develop skills and interests in new areas.

Many students at The Palmas Academy also participate in community service projects outside of school hours. As part of the school’s mission to instill a broader understanding and cultural appreciation in its students, teachers encourage children to engage with the community both on and off campus.

Learning at The Palmas Academy continues after the last bell. Beginning in preschool, students are encouraged to pursue interests and new activities at school and in the community.