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Counseling & Health

The purpose of the Palmas Academy’s counseling and health services is to support student learning by promoting healthy bodies and minds. The school offers a range of health-related programs in such areas as health education, school environment and nutritional services.

Students who have physical complaints while at school may receive care from the school nurse, who coordinates the Palmas Academy’s health services and health education.

The school also provides health counseling, mental health assessments, and interventions for students who are struggling with emotional or social problems. Counseling services can address a range of student needs, from academic difficulties to conflicts with peers.

The Palmas Academy also recognizes that nutrition and physical activity are vital to encouraging healthy students. The school supports a healthy food services program and offers a variety of physical education activities both during the school day and after school.

At the Palmas Academy, healthy and happy teachers are essential to providing a high-quality education to students. Therefore, the school also provides health education and counseling services to its staff members.