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What is Plus Portals?

Plus Portals is a solution that truly meets the website and communication needs of every K-12 stakeholder.

More schools choose Plus Portals as their website provider than any other solution on the market. Millions of teachers, parents and students rely on Plus Portals every single day for sharing and accessing critical information.

Why Choose Plus Portals?

Here is how we differ from other solutions:

Plus Portals is a single solution that can evolve with the growing needs of your school district and integrate with most of your existing third party systems such as your SIS, Facilities Management and Curriculum.

  • Exceptionally designed District/School/Classroom websites with intuitive multimedia capabilities that make managing websites a breeze.
  • Leading-edge Learning Management and Classroom Solutions include Web 2.0 tools, Quizzes, Forms, Surveys and Gradebooks – allowing for dynamic online classrooms.
  • Built-in Notification Solutions that translate in 20+ languages are fully integrated with your website communication strategy, enabling routine and emergency communication.

Plus Portals helps raise student achievement by harnessing the power of parental involvement, supporting teachers and engaging the learning community.

Plus Portals customers’ success speaks for itself!
  • In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, a student described Plus Portals as the reason he was able to keep up with his studies, graduate high school and get accepted into college.
  • An Illinois “Superintendent of the Year” praised Plus Portals for bringing the community together and playing a key role in the significant increase in the district’s AYP in an otherwise struggling community.
  • 96% of parents surveyed in one of Florida’s largest school districts believe they are in a better position to help students thrive as a result of the district’s implementation of Plus Portals Learning Community Management System (LCMS).