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In the modern world, giving a truly quality education requires access to the best resources to enable students to learn and master the skills needed to access the full range of technology that is now at their disposal.

At The Palmas Academy we recognize this and this is the reason that we prioritize the provision of modern and up to date equipment in our library and research facilities to achieve this goal. We provide our students with a full range of print, multimedia and online resources to exist alongside and in concert with our curriculum, and to extend their knowledge beyond one method of instruction.

Visits to the library and familiarization with the resources in it begins at an early age, with the younger students visiting regularly with their teachers for library lessons and reading skills development. As students grow older they are encouraged to visit the library independently and research and read there on their own. For more complex research tasks in later years our experience library staff are always ready and able to provide help with questions that our students we have.

We recognize that the technology is only part of the learning equation, which is why we encourage students to regularly speak with the library staff when they have queries, and build a strong working relationship, which they can refer back to when they are seeking guidance.

The school also has a wide range of media and technology equipment on offer, with access to these resources available to all students within their library sessions and with permission at any time should they wish to conduct their own independent research and inquiries. We tailor the software, programs and research methods that the students are able to access as appropriate with their age, beginning in the formative years with basic search engine tools and library catalogue searches. As students progress and need to make use of more sophisticated tools we teach how to run complex searches, conduct in-depth research and evaluate primary sources and secondary sources for maximum academic effectiveness.

Students are also able to access the school internal website which contains important resources for learning, communication to students from teachers and community discussion boards in a moderated and safe environment from our library.

Our goal is to continually improve the resources and facilities we offer our students in pursuit of the best education, and our library is one of the best examples of this aim.