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“The arts humanize the curriculum while affirming the interconnectedness of all forms of knowing. They are a powerful means to improve general education.”
Charles Fowler

At The Palmas Academy, even the youngest students receive visual arts exposure. Through play and experimentation, preschool and early elementary students draw, paint and color on a daily basis. Into the elementary years, teachers continue to encourage students to express themselves through the arts.

Students receive regular, direct instruction in painting, drawing, collage-making, etc. Their works are displayed in classrooms and throughout the school. Upper grades students may choose from a variety of visual arts classes, including painting, sculpture, drawing, etc.

The Palmas Academy recognizes visual arts as an essential part of a well-rounded arts education. Visual arts are an important means of expression and understanding art helps students recognize and embrace cultural diversity. They also encourage creativity, innovation and imagination in students.

In young children, visual arts such as drawing and painting improve fine motor skills and self-regulation skills. In older students, arts help build self-esteem, improve social interactions and encourage an appreciation of diversity. The arts help students of all age process and express emotions.

Each year, students have the opportunity to show off their work at an annual arts show, in the hallways, etc.