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“A broad education in the arts helps give children a better understanding of their world…We need students who are culturally literate as well as math and science literate.”
Paul Ostergard, Vice President, Citicorp

The Palmas Academy believes that a well-rounded education includes a comprehensive arts curriculum. In addition to a broad academic education, The Palmas Academy offers a rich variety of classes in drama, music and art. These courses allow students to experiment and explore, and then go on to develop particular passions and talents.

The Palmas Academy’s arts program includes in-school courses and extracurricular activities. Students in all grade levels have access to the school’s celebrated theater program. Each year, The Palmas Academy hosts a variety of concerts, performances and exhibitions. Student work is also showcased around the school – in classrooms, in the hallway and in student publications.

In the early childhood years, The Palmas Academy offers students a rich variety of arts instruction. At the preschool level, arts take center stage. The Montessori program allows students to explore the world through experimentation and observation. Exposure to the arts is integral to a thorough Montessori education. The Palmas Academy preschool students regularly participate in art activities, music and dramatic play.

Arts instruction continues at in the elementary grades. At this level, students continue to explore the world through drama, music and visual arts. Elementary students receive regular instruction in [arts, music, etc. – you may list them here].

At the high school level, students at The Palmas Academy begin to hone their artistic skills. While students have access to a wide range of arts instruction, many courses are specialized, allowing students to further pursue their interests in specific areas. The Palmas Academy’s high school students may take classes in such subjects as [list a few courses in a range of arts areas].

  • Art
  • Music
  • Drama

The Palmas Academy’s Extended Day Program offers students of all ages access to additional arts instruction in areas such as dance, jewelry making, arts, drama and music.

In addition to campus-based art activities, students at The Palmas Academy take time off campus to experience arts in the community. Students go on regular field trips to museums, theatrical productions and musical performances.

By exploring arts on campus and in the community, students at The Palmas Academy learn to embrace their own creativity and develop a broader understanding of cultural and artistic diversity. Many graduates go on to pursue arts as a profession or a personal hobby.

The Palmas Academy recognizes that solid arts instruction is central to the development of the whole child. The academy strives to provide a comprehensive education that encourages a lifelong love of the arts.

For more information on arts instruction at The Palmas Academy, visit the drama, music and arts pages.