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Elementary School K-5

“Intelligence plus character – that is the true goal of education.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Palmas Academy prides itself in delivering a rigorous and engaging elementary curriculum that brings together traditional academics, character building and arts. The school encourages students to develop into well-rounded individuals in preparation for upper grades and college.

Like the preschool program, The Palmas Academy’ lower grades curriculum focuses on developing all aspects of students’ growth: cognitive, emotional, social and physical.

Teachers continue to instill in students a love of learning, critical thinking skills and curiosity. The curriculum fosters self-confidence and a sense of community, and helps teachers nourish students’ unique gifts.

The Palmas Academy team continually works to improve instruction and tailor lessons to students’ needs. In addition to a complete range of academic subjects, students have regular access to a wide variety of materials and technology, including new computers, appealing books and creative learning tools.


By the time they move on to the upper grades, students at The Palmas Academy have developed into independent, inquisitive individuals. They are collaborative and self-disciplined. They appreciate and embrace diversity in their communities and in the world.