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Early Education

“Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world.”

Maria Montessori

Even the youngest students can access a world-class education at The Palmas Academy.

The school focuses on providing preschool-aged students with a hands-on, exploration-based approach to learning. Palmas Academy students benefit from a research-based Montessori education, a program that has been implemented at thousands of schools around the world.

As a result of a Montessori approach, teachers focus on developing every part of a child – the cognitive, emotional, social and physical. They encourage their students to explore their learning environment and seek independence. Students learn through game-like activities that encourage them to develop cognitive skills through experiences. They learn from what they see, hear, smell and touch. The Palmas’ preschool education emphasizes discovery and growth.

By the time they are ready for kindergarten, our students have developed a sense of independence, a love of learning, working collaboratively and the ability to think critically. All these skills prepare them for The Palmas Academy’s rigorous elementary academics.

The Palmas Academy preschool facilities are modern and inviting. Classrooms are designed to encourage play and exploration.