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Board of Trustees

The Palmas Academy Board of Trustees bears ultimate responsibility for the well-being of the school. Members are nominated by the Committee on Trustees and elected by the affirmative vote of a majority of the Board. New members are selected for the particular talents or experience that they can bring to The Palmas Academy’s affairs and their knowledge of and involvement in the school’s activities. The Board meets at least 12 times a year to receive reports from its various committees and from the Head of School.

The Board has three main areas of responsibility:

Policy making

The Board determines the school’s objectives and sees that those objectives are appropriately achieved.


The Board sets the budget for each year, authorizes fund-raising activities and makes certain that the program operates within its fiscal limits.  The Board is also responsible for the proper management of The Palmas Academy’s endowment funds.

Appointment of the Head of School

The Board delegates all administrative functions to the Head of School.

The Board handles most of its business through standing committees, which meet as and when they need to do so.

  • Policy Making
  • Finances
  • Appointments

The present committees are:

Executive Committee

Finance Committee

Development Committee

Fund Raising Committee

Committee on Trustees

Education Committee

Buildings and Grounds Committee

Board of Trustees:

Giovanna Balaguer, President

Gina Iuliani, VP President

Rebecca Rodríguez, Treasurer

Rubén Chamorro

Edd Siler

Brad Cohen

Berta Bull

Héctor Aponte

Bruce Deichl

José Vázquez

Oscar P. Mancebo, Esq.

Luis E. Laguna Mimoso, Esq.

Ex Officio/Lidia Verson